Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pins for the Day

So I have tried a couple different pins this week, so here are my reviews...

Here is Brynn's Pinterest inspired air for the day

First attempt at a fishtail french braid. Not too bad. Of course, she thought it was fabulous:)

This pin is on my "Hair & Makeup" board.

The other one I tried is from a website that is amazing. She has TONS of master mixes! So, in my attempt to be more frugal AND find great food, I made her brownie mix.

I made the brownies by following her instructions, but was making a HUGE pan for our football party so had to quadruple it! I was very nervous about the way it would turn out.

This is all that was left. Does that tell you how good they were! 

I had to bake them a little longer because the batch was so big. I just did it until the knife came out clean when inserted into the middle of the brownie pan. They were perfect! Warm and chewy in the middle with a crunchy outside! Sooooo yummmmmy!! This is definitely a keeper!

This pin is on my Food Tips & Tricks Board.

Also excellent on this board, is the Hot Chocolate Mix:)

Enjoy and Blessings!

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