Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Final Adoption, January 31,2011

A lot of our family was able to come and share this wonderful day with us.

With our attorney, Traci Mears

The new, official, Barnes family

Some of the Barnes cousins

Grandma Renee with some of her grandkids

With our judge, Judge Sullins
SO glad that our tiny treasure is officially ours; and so nice to finally have that paper in my possession!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home and Sanity

Praise the Lord!
I finally broke down and hooked the Internet up at my house. Wow, what sanity, what organization, what a wonderful thing. It doesn't take me two hours to do 20 minutes worth of work anymore. No more going to the office, juggling the kids, and trying to do computer work. Now it's lay kids down for a nap, and, 20 minutes later, I am done! It is amazing!!!

You can tell I am not giddy at all.

Anyways, I have lots to catch up, Xmas, readoption, etc. So hopefully now I can post more often.

New pictures to come of my new treasure and our sweet family:)