Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Dish Dinner

I was exhausted tonight and totally uninspired to do anything besides sit on my butt on the couch! I searched through my pins and found very little 'quick and easy'. I wanted something easy and with as few dishes as possible!

We had some Zataran's Red Beans N Rice and frozen shrimp (already peeled and deveined). I thought, why not. I had made this with pork and chicken and hamburger, why not shrimp?

I cooked the rice mix according to the package and when there was 5 minutes left cooking time, added the frozen shrimp. Cooked for about 10 more minutes and Voila...a one dish, very tasty meal that my whole family loved.


I also made some Sweet Potato fries to use up some I had left over from my Bountiful Baskets. Here is the pin link that I used:
I was skeptical when the title said "guaranteed" but they turned out AWESOME! My husband ate over half of the himself:)


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  1. This sounds really yummy!

    I'm hopping over from The Parent 'Hood. I'm not sure if this is the post you planned to link, but I wanted to say hello.