Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Latest...

Wow! I am not good at keeping up with this thing, ha, ha, ha.
Here are the latest happenings with our family; we have our Escalade back as of last night (as many of you know it was wrecked a month ago. All involved were fine). It is so nice to be driving an all-wheel drive in the snow again :) We are also in the middle of a bathroom renovation. We found some water damage and a small amount of mold in the shower area and decided to just take on the whole bathroom. We were going to be taking most of it apart anyways. It is going to be wonderful when it is finished! I will try and post some pics.

As for the adoption, Danny and I both still have to write our autobiographies for the home study. (They have kindof taken a back seat with everything else going on.) When they are completed we will be able to have our interviews with our case worker.

We have really felt like the Lord has written a certain country on our hearts. The doors have since been temporarily closed. The govt. changed the adoptive parents minimum age to 35. In this country the govt dictates almost all facets of the orphanages and the adoption process and is the only one who can change these ages. They are holding some elections in April and May and then the big Presidential election will be held in November. Please pray that God would open the doors, not only for us but for whomever God would place in the elected positions. This is a very corrupt country with over a million orphans, all involved need God's provision and timing.

We are still fundraising, with our cakes and breakfast burritos, and moving forward. Our other babies are out there somewhere, we just need to have faith that God will show us exactly when to move and in what way.

Father God is our Provision and our Provider, our Protector and our Healer! Praise Him for all He has done!!!