Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clean Frig Project

In my intent to become the wife and mom that I think I should be, cleaning and organizing is HIGH on the list of things that need to be done. So, I decided  to get started and the frig was cleaning destination #1.
When I started I was pretty disgusted with myself. I consider our house to be pretty clean, not always picked up, but clean enough. 
(Disclaimer: do not judge me on my frig. There are 5 of us and 4 are avid cooks)

Here are some before:

Then I took EVERYTHING out. Every part I, shelves, baskets,etc. And this is what I found, YUK!!!! (Do not judge me, I have done enough of that by myself!)

I then took all the shelves and baskets and soaked them in HOT water, Dawn dish soap, and some vinegar. I let them soak for a good 30 minutes while I took a bucket and rag and wiped out the shell of the frig.

When it was all clean Teh decided that this was a great play spot:) And look how clean it is.

I then returned to the bathroom with my rag to scrub up my shelves. They came clean very quickly! I pulled them out one by one, rinsing with Hot water to remove all the suds, then put them on towels on the floor to dry. They took about 15 minutes. (I did take another dry towel to thoroughly dry the corners though.)  Then, back to the frig with each of them. I did end up lining each shelf with wipeable, removeable shelf paper.

Voila! The nice, clean, organized frig! WooHoo! Yippee! (Sorry, just a little excited)


  1. Gotta love a nice clean fridge ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and showing love on my blog!! I'm following back! Have a blessed week :)


  2. Fotini- Thx for topping and following:) I LOVE my clean frig, it makes me smile!