Monday, June 14, 2010

We Need Prayer

I am asking my bloggy friends for prayer. There is a major spiritual attack on my family. These are some of the events that have happened just since we started the adoption process: water leak and mold in the bathroom resulting in an unexpected remodel; Husband-Danny in a car accident; Son-Branten broke his wrist so ER, Doctors, cast, x-rays, etc; and just this past Friday I was in an accident. I was taking myson and 6 friends to Karate Kid for his birthday and an older lady ran through a yield sign and straight into the side of our SUV. Thankfully no one was hurt on either side.

I am completely convinced that Satan does not like that we are going to bring two orphans home to live in a loving, God-filled home and that is why there is such opposition and attack on our family.

Please join with us and pray against these attacks so that the Father's heart can shine through the Barnes family.


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