Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Process Begins

So right now I am taking a break from filling out our application for adoption to AWAA for the country of Rwanda. Wow! Yep. I said it. Rwanda. I know that this is not the first country that we have looked into and prayed about but the govt in Haiti is not moving off the 35 age for parents. I know God has something for us here but not sure what. My heart is still broken for this beautiful country and its people.

I know that God has our kids in His hands and is holding them safe until they are home with us...and who can say that the kids in Haiti are more in need of homes then the children in Rwanda. I can't. No one can.

All I know is that there are too many kids, all over the world, laying in cribs in dark drab rooms waiting for someone to love them, and hold them, and rock and sing to them. Someone to whisper to them and say how incredible and special they truly are. A mom and dad to tell them about a Father that designed them andwho has ordained every second of their life and who longs to own their heart and fill it with His love!

So for now we are still praying, and waiting, and filling out LOTS of paperwork :)

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