Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy Love Challenge

One of the blogs I follow is A Place Called Simplicity. This is a beautiful family with an amazing story of God's love and faithfullness! She is having a Crazy Love Challenge and felt compelled to share our families story.

We are fundraising for our adoption of 2 children (God-willing). We are currently making homemade breakfast burritos and special occasion cakes to help with the fees. We started the process in August 2009, really feeling like God was putting Haiti in our hearts. We started our home study and in Sept. sent our pre-application in to the agency. (At this point we met all the requirements perfectly…married over 10 years, minimum 30 years old, and no more than 2 biological children at home.) Two days later, the Haitian govt changed the adoptive parent age to 35, so our application was denied. We were heart-broken,and confused but kept believing because my heart still knew that this is where our kids were!

When the earthquake hit in January, my heart sunk more and mourned for all those who experienced it and all the new orphans who need homes.

I have been frustrated lately and started looking into other countries. I have even sent out several emails to a couple agencies requesting information on several African countries. The funny thing is is that with all the emails I have sent out over the last 3 weeks regarding these other nations I have not received one bit of information back!!! God works in mysterious ways! I know that His ways are not our ways and through all the events that have happenedthis this is His way of telling me that our kids are still waiting for us in Haiti and we need to trust Him.

Adoptions there are now open again, but the age-challenge has not changed; but I know that I know that my God works in the spiritual and no physical boundary can stop him!
So for now, we are finishing up our Home Study, continuing to fund-raise, and praying for our babies to be safe and come home soon!



  1. Praying for clairty for you. I do not know a ton but I know a little about Uganda and would love to give you any info I have. Blessings!

  2. What a unique idea!!
    I'm here from Linny's blog (am on her link too..we are also fundraising).
    Do you deliver the breakfast burritos or do people stop by your place like they do at Micky D's?! :)